Tax Preparation Service

It is important to have a good understanding before entering into any agreement. When you decide that I am your best option to prepare your taxes, I will go over your current year documentation and prior year information.   At this time, I will ask questions of you, and welcome any questions you may have. Most questions can be answered right away, but depending on the complexity of the situation I may have to research your question to provide you with the most accurate answer possible.

The calls and emails that we exchange for this purposes are considered a free-consultation and you will not be billed for this correspondence. It is important to get all of the documentation and information together and sent to me either via email, fax (206-203-0468), file upload or snail mail,  for our discussion.  I have some clients who reside in different cities and different states and we communicate electronically (e-mail) or via the telephone.

When we both decide that I will prepare your taxes, I will request that you sign a Tax Engagement Letter and pay the tax return preparation fee. This letter is basically a written understanding of my responsibilities to you as a client and your responsibilities to provide all the necessary documentation. The letter will only cover one year of preparation and subsequent letters will be signed each tax year. It does not cover representation, should you be audited by the IRS or your individual State. I would be more than happy to provide guidance and appear in court should that be necessary, but this would be an additional service and subject to a different agreement.

For the record, none of my clients have ever been audited. This doesn't mean that it isn't possible, but just that when I prepare a tax return it is done according the regulations set forth by the particular governing agency (IRS or State Government). If for some reason either of us are not comfortable with the decision of the other party, we may terminate our agreement and I will return your fee in full.

I will not represent someone that wants to defraud the government by illegal means or by omission. I will use the regulations to get you the best results possible!

At the end of this process, you will be given a copy of your tax return to review. If you don't have any questions, I can either prepare the documents for submission to the appropriate agencies or electronically file your return. I am willing to provide service as a third party designee, but should this involve further work on my part, you will have to agree to this service.  If you have further changes or revisions to the tax returns, we will make those changes and provide you with a revised tax return to review. Any draft document prepared cannot be used as a final copy and submitted to the IRS or State Government.

I look forward to discussing your tax situation.  Please visit my business website for more tax information and client testimonials.