Payroll Service

It is important to have a good understanding before entering into any agreement. When you decide that I am your best option to process your payroll, I will send you the following forms to complete:
  • Payroll Engagement Letter - This letter outlines your responsibilities and my responsibilities for the payroll service arrangement.
  • Employer Information Sheet - This form will provide me with the necessary information about your company to prepare your quarterly and annual payroll reports.
  • Authorization for Withdrawal - This form allows me to withdraw funds from your company bank account to pay your employees and the associated payroll taxes.
  • Employee Information Sheet - To be completed for each employee so I know how much to pay them, how often to pay them, what other benefits, deductions and withholding to use.
  • Contractor Information Sheet - To be completed for each contractor that you would like to pay along with your payroll.
  • Authorization for Direct Deposit  - To be completed by each employee and contractor which informs me how they would like their pay deposited [into which account(s)].
After you have completed the forms I will enter all the necessary information into my payroll system and provide you with tax authorization forms to sign and fax back to me.  These tax authorization forms allow me to electronically remit your tax payments for you.  This usually taxes 1-2 weeks, but it can take up to 6 weeks.

After all of your paperwork has been entered by me, then a small test deposit will be entered into your bank account.  You must inform me of the amount of this test deposit before I can run your first payroll.

I will email you a few days before you first payroll to remind you that I need the hours that your employees have worked and the amount to pay each of your contractors.  Upon receiving your return email I will run your payroll for you and email you payroll reports and PDF copies of the check cut.  You can either distribute these checks to your employees or have them print their own copy by viewing their stub online.

When it comes time to pay your payroll taxes or file a quarterly report I will do it for you and mail you a confirmation that it's been done.
Please visit my business website for more payroll information and client testimonials.